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3 THINGS TO LOOK FOR WHEN BUYING SHOES!!!! – Here's my fellow colleague @bodmechanic 💭 on footwear!! – What you wear on your feet is what you'll get with posture! Example, the reason women walk on high heels is due to their ability to stick their butt and chest out to look more feminine and sexy or wear them for hrs on special occasions. Although every single woman in 👠 cant stand on them for long. Lower back and neck start acting up in pain as well as their feet – I love it when I see guys wear Timberlands at the gym thinking they're badass, yet not so badass once they complain of low back or even knee pain. Same goes for those who wear basketball 🏀 shoes at the gym. Reason why that type of footwear is bullshit is because those shoes do not allow the toes to go up (dorsiflex) when they walk or even allow them to squat properly – Without dorsiflexion of the foot, the knee is limited to bend fully. So that will keep the foot stuck in PLANTARFLEXION (PF), keeping the calves tight that will eventually stiffen the low back. Now you know why high heels on women is killer – Furthermore, buying a running shoe is still not enough. Shoe companies now make running shoes with the inner heel sole thinner and the outer thicker (bottom pic) – When we 🚶🏻, our heel touches the ground first although tend to put most weight on the outer heel first. But that is really not healthy. We are supposed to place the weight in the center of the heel. So these shoe companies are making it worse for us. Also, companies now make running shoes with a very soft heel cup that causes heel instability. The heel cup MUST be rigid and firm. – Only the forefoot (front aspect of the foot) is supposed to move freely when we walk. The forefoot has to supinate when we take a step and then must pronate when we push off. A very firm shoe in the front like Timberlands and basketball shoes, will kill those motions as well as their inability to PF. – So next time you go shopping, here are 3 things to look for in a shoe: 1️⃣FIRM heel support 2️⃣NO thin inner sole (must be even on both sides) 3️⃣SOFT on the front of the shoe allowing the toes to go up or dorsiflex. #Myodetox#BodMechanic

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YOU MIGHT BE STANDING ALL WRONG! 😳😳😳 [foot education] . Balance in the body begins with 👣, for the basic work of foot and ankle is to offer a reliable base by which the upper body can relate to the horizontal plane of the 🌎. Competent feet and ankles must offer a mechanism for continual shifting and adjustment by the overlying body . Only by bringing 🙏🏼 peace "from the ground up" can problems higher in the body be "understood". Every imbalance at higher levels will always show up in the feet and ankles . The base needs to be reconstructed, so that it can properly do its job of transmitting weight . Length and elasticity of individual tendons precisely determine the position of bones. So if a tendon is chronically shortened (such as in the case of the Achilles tendon in the picture) faulty movement will be seen in a person's gait . The Achilles tendon is designed to propel us forward ➡️when we push off our feet, but as you can see, when you create a curve to one side or 'bow' it, you change the mechanics on how it's going to pull ↔️ on the calcaneus (heel bone) . If your tendon is deviated in these manners, you will have a hard time generating enough force for an efficient push off 😤. ⛔️😫Persistent distortion (overpronation or oversupination) originating in the ankle will over time change the external contour of the leg as well as the internal relations of its two bones and that's definitely a bad thing!!!! . Check out my boy's @borisrehab #MyoFootSeries for more in depth content on the foot . #Myodetox #Futureproofyourbody

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DO YOUR ANKLES LEAN IN (pronation) OR LEAN OUT (supination)? 👣 . 🔹Pronation is usually associated with flat feet . 🔹Supination is usually seen with people who have high arches . Generally most people will tend to be stuck in pronation. It's less common to see someone stuck in supination. Because of this, there is a common misconception out there that pronation is bad for you! 😑That is nonsense . Too much of EITHER one will cause strain upstream in your system, and eventually it will start to show up as back pain, neck pain, knee problems etc . Your feet are your base and often the only thing physically connecting you to this 🌎 every day! So it's no wonder their health have such an impact on the rest of your system . Stand up for a second and lean your body to the left👈🏼, and now lean to the right 👉🏼. Can you imagine being stuck leaning to one side more than the other? That's essentially what's happening when you are stuck in pronation or supination. Your foot is stuck leaning to one side and is unable to get out of it . So saying that pronation needs to be eliminated with the use of orthotics or special anti-pronating shoes is insane. It's like stopping someone from ever leaning their body to the left . So if not orthotics, then what? The secret to fixing your feet lies not in STOPPING motion, but instead in CREATING it! . 💎if you are stuck in pronation, teach your foot to SUPINATE . 💎if you are stuck in supination, teach your foot to PRONATE . Its really that simple! In concept at least! 😝 #Myodetox #pronation #supination

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WHY YOUR FEET AFFECT YOUR HIPS!! [foot arches and tilts] . If you understand patterns in the body, developing a sound and precise rehab / functional movement program for anyone is easy . For example, many therapists are unaware of the connection between the hips and the feet! Stand up for yourself and 👀 . 🤔Now anterior tilt your pelvis, what happens? Your feet will end up collapsing medially ⤵️(pronation) . 🤔Now posterior tilt your pelvis and you will notice the opposite! Your weight will shift laterally and you will feel pressure on the outside of your feet ⤴️(supination) . If you understand this, it should make sense to you that some people will have hips issues that are stemming from their 🔒locked arches, and others will have foot problems that are stemming from their 🔒locked hips!!!! . 👉🏼Hence why sometimes fixing someone's pronated feet will unlock their anterior pelvic tilt! . Did the hip cause the foot pain or did the foot cause the hip pain?!? 🐣🍳 Who cares! What matters is the current tissue balance of each area and the relationship they have between them. Figure that out and you will be able to unravel the pain!!! . #Myodetox #Futureproofyourbody

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DO YOUR KNEES CAVE IN WHEN YOU SQUAT?! [biomechanics lesson] . In my previous posts, I've spoken at length about how pronation is NOT the 👹 everyone makes it out to be, and how orthotics will help in the short term, but in the long run will ROB you of proper foot mechanics (click on #MyoFootSeries to see these posts) . But what about pronation when squatting? Pronation will naturally happen when you squat, but it should be happening progressively as you squat down . If you start with your feet pronated, your knees will naturally collapse in and you will load your other structures (namely adductors) in order to get that "Bounce" up . 🗣👂🏼Listen to me very carefully here!!! EVERY SINGLE MOVEMENT NEEDS TO LOAD BEFORE IT EXPLODES 💥 . When you throw a ⚾️, what do you do? You wind your arm back and you throw it forward! When you jump on a trampoline, what happens? You "load" the trampoline and then the trampoline "explodes" up and moves you upwards . When you go ⬇️on a squat, your foot progressively LOADS into pronation and then uses that energy to EXPLODE ⬆️into supination. If you start already pronated, you no longer can load your "foot trampoline", so for you to squat you have to load through your "knee trampoline" which happens to be in this case your adductors, which load in ADDUCTION (knee collapses in) and then explode in ABDUCTION (knee pushes outwards) . That's why your starting knee position is so important! If you don't put yourself in the proper position to get the most out of your body for any particular movement, your body will contort itself 😓to try and get energy from alternative "less efficient – more prone to injury trampolines" to do your movement . Understanding how your body processes your movement patterns and reprogramming them is a CRUCIAL step in fixing your body and getting rid of your pain . #Myodetox #KnowledgeOverEverything #Load2Explode . Btw quick update : the @Myodetox #TheDayOneProject aka online functional training / rehab programs, were a bit delayed due to my crazy work schedule, but it is coming VERY soon, so stay tuned for that! . (Pic from @squat_university 🏋🏻)

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